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Welcome to Care Cardiac Center

The Legacy: Durgabhai Deshmukh Hospital was the pioneer in modern cardiac services. It has the credit of performing first open heart surgery in the combined state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also reputed for education and training programs

Medical Ethics-driven, experienced Professional Teams: Comprehensive Cardiac services have been fully recommissioned from 1st January 2018 by a team lead by Dr.N.Krishna Reddy, Senior Cardiologist and Co-founder of Care group of Hospitals. The Cardiology &Critical Care team consists of 4 PGDCC registrars, 4 critical care registrars, 2 full-time cardiologists, 6 visiting cardiologists, including Pacing & Electrophysiology specialists for rhythm disorder management, Pediatric specialists, and Heart Failure specialists. The Cardiac surgery team consists of one full-time cardiac surgeon and 3 visiting cardiac surgeons with expertise in pediatric, coronary, valvular, and aortic disorders.